Grant Custer

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2024.04.15 Low-stakes physical materials
2023.10.09 What did Pokemon do?
2023.08.15 Suckless operating system primitives
2023.08.07 Towards a task-based operating system: a sketch built with Linux, NixOS, Hyprland, Node, React
2022.11.05 Why listen to an AI-generated podcast? Why listen to a podcast?
2022.09.11 Lessons from Tailwind
2022.09.01 Brush as interaction
2022.05.22 CSS: end-user styling possibilities
2021.09.15 Towards more manageable pointer events
2021.08.26 State of mind: scattered thoughs on Typescript, three.js, and class-based architecture
2021.08.10 Computer lab: an idea for an art installation for software development
2021.08.06 Screenshot vs artwork: games vs creative tools
2021.08.03 Seams and possibilities: Minecraft
2021.07.28 Seams and possibilities: software programming and DIY furniture
2020.11.03 WegGL, 3D projection and mental models
2020.10.19 Screen config: October 2020
2020.10.06 Tri: release notes
2020.09.21 Tile: release notes
2020.09.12 The benefits of limitations in application launchers
2020.09.01 Sift: release notes
2020.08.20 Fantasy consoles and framing
2020.07.30 Automadraw: release notes
2020.07.28 Bushido Blade 2: a design appreciation
2020.07.12 Swapping color schemes across all terminals and Vim with Pywal and Base16
2020.06.25 Vimlike

Grant Custer is a designer-programmer interested in alternative interfaces.

You can see work and inspiration in progress on my Feed and my alternative interface experiments on Constraint Systems. I’m happy to talk on Twitter, email: grantcuster at gmail dot com, or Mastodon. You can see a full list of projects on my Index.